At Bakersfield Casino Rentals we always like to keep our tables fresh so we like to offer our used tables for sale at a great price! This table is a High quality full craps layout with Full drink rail Padded/Cushion rim cover by water resistant BLACK vinyl Wooden Legs Wooden chip racks Pyramid dice rubber on both ends.

1 available now.

Table Size: 136.6″ x 48.4″ x 35.4″.

Package includes:
Craps Table
5 Dice
Wooden Dice Tray
Craps Stick
1000 Chips 11.5 gram+250+
250 $5
250 $25
200 $100
100 $500
100 $1000
50 $5000
50 $10000
1000 Ship Acrylic Case
2 on off puck
4 on off buttons

Price New 5950.00

We can get this complete setup for you new with about a 10 day notice with Free shipping.

Used price only $4280.

Call Bakersfield Casino Rentals for more information.


yingyangfanwooden-craps-dice-boaton_offpuck-248x248 onoffbutton-248x248 wood-stick1000-casino-poker-chips-case-carrier-with-acrylic-racks