Casino Parties are one of the fastest growing event themes.

One of the fastest growing themes for parties is “the casino night.” The theme is by no means new, but it has been growing over the past few years for both private parties, corporate events and festivals. The reasons for this growth are fairly simple; more casinos have opened in the US and casino specials are a staple on The Travel Channel and other networks. The internet has also played a major part in the growth of casino themed parties. Casino games are one of fastest growing video game segments. This includes social network games and apps. Even the long-established online poker site PokerStars has expanded to meet the demand in this area.
Casino games are perfect for social interaction; the players in many games form a bond due to the fact that the table often wins or loses as a whole. This dynamic is especially evident at the craps table, which is easily the most boisterous of any game in the casino when a shooter is on a hot streak. This makes casino themed parties the perfect vehicle to ensure the guests are entertained and have an easy way to break the ice.

It is almost a prerequisite that a casino party has a DJ, and how you contribute to the evening can make a big difference to your reputation.

Casinos are the ultimate fantasy and escape. Even someone that has never set foot in a real casino has an idea of what they are like. For a casino themed party to be successful, the event has to have a lot of energy and reflect the casino image.


this is an excerpt from a 2015 story in MobileBeat the full story is on their website

Hiring Casin Workers

Now hiringWe are a Bakersfield California based special events and party planning company that specialize in Casino Night Parties and Texas Hold-em Poker Tournaments. We are currently seeking fun, outgoing and qualified individuals for all positions.

Casino Dealers, (Craps, Roulette, Poker, Blackjack)
Responsibilities : Creates and ensures an entertaining gaming experience.
Provides excellent customer service.
Maintains excellent grooming and personal conduct according to
company standards.

Casino Host, Event Host and Poker tournament directors
Responsibilities : Creates and ensures an entertaining gaming environment.
Provides excellent customer service.
Ability to resolve problems and effectively supervise the
casino floor and the operations of assigned games.
Thorough knowledge of Poker and table games.
Ensure appropriate and professional care and service are
provided to all guests.
Maintain excellent grooming and personal conduct according
to company standards and ensure dealers do the same.

Set up crewmen (full size truck a big plus)
Responsibilities : Provides excellent customer service.
Maintain excellent grooming and personal conduct according
to company standards.
Ensure safe, quite set up and take down of Casino equipment.
Ensure appropriate care to all equipment.
Excellent driving record a plus.

If you are seeking a fun, exciting part time job, with great same day pay and where you pick your own schedule come join our team.

Become A Casino Dealer

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